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New biker corset pattern for two different styles

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We've worked in many new designs for our on-line catalog which we are showing you to detail. Today is time for new biker corset pattern. As technicians we are obsessed with getting a clean-line pattern. Our love for corsets makes us go crazy for the curvilinear silhouettes. As corset users we look for comfort. Our designer's personality pursues style. We are happy to tell you that, with this biker corset, we satisfy all our facets.

Inspired by the classic leather jackets, theperfecto jackets, these corset styles will not leave you unmoved. The base pattern is our reductive style (if you want to know more about it, we talk about it in the entry "Two new corset shapes"). The reduction is natural, This means they are amazingly comfortable yet beautifully waist-enhancing. Their small pocket with a flap, despite its diminutive size, is fully functional. The flap attached by a riveted tab reveals the metal zipper. These fab…

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